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6 Reasons to Introduce Lube in The Bedroom


Posted on August 12 2018

6 Reasons to Introduce Lube in The Bedroom

I remember the first time I used lube. I had started a new birth control pill and one of the side effects was, sadly, vaginal dryness. I picked up a cheap, generic lube and reluctantly told my husband that I thought we needed it. In his defense, he did not see anything wrong with using lube, but I wasn’t able to shake off the feeling that there was something wrong with me for needing it.

That was decades ago and now that I am a sex blogger with a number of sex toy reviews under my belt, I can see how invaluable lube is during sex. Here are six reasons why you should think about introducing lube in the bedroom.

1.  Lube makes penetration easier

Lube Bottle

Wetter is better is my motto these days. Even if you have no problem getting wet, using a bit (or a lot) of lube before penetration makes everything go a lot smoother. And especially when you are using penetrating sex toys, like the Divainner G Spot Rabbit Vibrator, lube is essential to enhance the pleasure of using a sex toy.

2. Clitoral stimulation is better with lube

Even when you use clitoral sex toys only, you should think about using lube. I used to just use saliva for clitoral play, but that never seemed adequate as it dried up quickly. Because of its special formula, lube won’t dry up quickly, so you can have hours of fun with a toy like the Divainner Touch Sensor Bullet Vibrator.

3. Lube is fun

It is a lot of fun to play with lube, whether you are engaging in solo play or with a partner. Make lubing up part of foreplay – spend some time massaging each other (or yourself) with a good amount of lube before moving on to the more serious work. You can also get heating and cooling lubes which can add some extra stimulation to your clit or vagina.

4. The feeling of being wet can make you hornier


When you are aroused, you are wetter. But the other way is true too: being wet can make you aroused as well. Especially if you apply lube sensually, it can really heighten your arousal. Lube also allows you to be wet longer, which prevents you from worrying about drying up halfway through sex.

5. Lube can make oral sex more fun

Oral sex is a lot of fun in and of itself. But with the right lube, you can make it even more fun. There is much fun flavored lubes available which taste delicious. You can even play a guessing game with your partner and see if they can guess the taste of lube on you!

6. Lube prevents infections

Having sex without being properly wet can cause micro-tears in your vagina, which in turn can cause infections. Lube will prevent these tears from happening, making sex not only more comfortable but also safer.

So what are you waiting for? Grab some lube, some toys and/or your partner and have fun!


About the Author: 

Isabelle Lauren is a blogger, writer of erotica and sex toy reviewer. She believes in better sex education for everyone. Isabelle lives in the UK with her husband. You can find more of her work at or follow her on Twitter @RomanticIsa

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