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9 Things You Should Know About Squirting


Posted on August 20 2018

9 Things You Should Know About Squirting

With no acceptable definitive studies on squirting, it's still a sexual subject worthy of much discussion. I've watched enough squirting porn to know it looks like the ultimate in female orgasm and I've spent years of exploratory masturbation attempting to achieve it. But, even with the act of squirting being a commonly known phenomenon, for the majority of us, it remains a mystery. So, let's connect our brains with our bodies and see what this sexy squirting thing is all about.

1. Not everyone can do it

Let's start with the bad news. No two vaginas are the same and not every vagina is capable of squirting. However, a person can go for years without an orgasmic gush, only to flood the place at an unexpected moment. I can absolutely guarantee this is true because it's what happened to me. I'd completely given up all hope, forever destined to have a puddle-free bed. But one day, my vagina finally met the right sex toy and I squirted, unexpectedly, in a way I hadn't quite envisaged. So, whilst not everyone can do it, I wouldn't ever totally write yourself off as one of them.

2. Relaxation is Key

Guess what one of the reasons is for me squirting once I'd given up hope? I had stopped trying. If your masturbating and thinking of nothing but achieving your first squirting orgasm, chances are your vagina is feeling that tension. Relax. Enjoy. And when you feel like you might pee, don't stop unless it's too uncomfortable not to. salmon water drop

3. The G Spot Could be the Answer

Any article that discusses squirting is likely to include talk of the G Spot. A lot of people with the ability to gush the pleasure fluid, believe G Spot stimulation is what set them off on the right wet and slippery track. Some even say they can feel it engorge with fluid just before the sexy rain strikes. If you're yet to find this famous spot, my advice is, skip the guides. It wasn't until I stopped looking for a ridged area a few inches inside my vagina, that I struck G Spot gold. Buy an insertable curved-tip sex toy, relax and explore. A lot of people don't feel the G Spot goodness until they're already extremely aroused. Once you are, stroke the toy against your front vaginal wall. That spot that feels better than the rest? That's your G Spot.

4. It's Not Always Just About the G Spot

For some people, squirting is all about the G Spot stimulation. However, some people need clitoral pleasure as well. I only need clitoral pleasure to squirt. In fact, I've never squirted with something inserted in my vagina. It's impossible to know how one person will achieve squirting and the only thing you can really do is an experiment with what feels good for you.

5. It's Not Female Ejaculation

It's quite common for squirting and female ejaculation to be used as synonyms. They're not. Female ejaculation comes from the Skene's gland, whilst squirting fluid comes from the urethra. Not only this, but they differ in colour and consistency. Whilst female ejaculate is milky, the wet stuff that is squirting goodness is usually clear. milk gush

6. It's Not Pee

The study most often referenced when people claim squirting is actually sexual incontinence, involved only seven people. Seven! I've heard at least thirty people more tell me they are absolutely certain the fluid is not urine. From my own experience, I'd be willing to bet my favourite dildo on it. The fluid that floods from within me is crystal clear, scentless and tastes more sweet than pee-like. Sorry scientists, but I'm just not buying it. Do you know what else? Even if it is, in fact, pee, what difference does it make? Is there some unwritten rule that states any vaginal fluid, except urine, is acceptable? Don't they all just come from the same region of the body anyway?

7. It Doesn't Always Squirt

Contrary to what its name may make you believe, when a person squirts it doesn't always 'squirt'. Perhaps it may be the case in every squirting porno you've ever jerked off to, but in the real world of squirting, a jet stream is not a given. Every time I have squirted, I have experienced a gentle leak of fluid. Some people gush, some people dribble, some people do a bit of both. And some people experience something different entirely.

8. It is Not Always Better

Before I had my first squirting orgasm I was certain a sexy gush would be better than anything I'd experienced. For the body to react in this mysterious way, surely something exceptional had to be going on. Besides, I'd seen the porn. The squirting pornstars always looked and sounded like they were having the best orgasm of their life. Nope, wrong. On so many levels was I wrong. Squirting isn't a reaction to the intensity of an orgasm, it's a reaction to the type of orgasm. I've had orgasms so good I thought I might black out, and not a dribble of squirt expelled from my body. A lot of people might not even like the sensation of squirting. In my experience, squirting orgasms are extremely pleasurable. But, this has nothing to do with the fact I've squirted. It's because they are the orgasms in which I let myself have the most build up. It's not a race to the finish line like so many of my masturbation sessions can be.

9. Squirting Porn is Not Always Genuine

Pornstars are human. They can't squirt on cue anymore than you or I can. The majority of the time what you're seeing is something else entirely. Sometimes it's genuine, sometimes it's pee, sometimes it's special effects. On average a person will squirt out between 0.1 and 0.5 ounces of liquid. Yep, porn has been telling us porkies all this time. Shocker. Either way, I'm still going to watch it. Squirting porn is hot as hell. water in glass



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