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How To Get Mind-Blowing Orgasms Using Your Vibrator


Posted on August 09 2018

How To Get Mind-Blowing Orgasms Using Your Vibrator

 Did you know that orgasms for women can bring the following benefits:

- Gives your body a nice boost of oxytocin.

- Helps balance out your hormones.

- Makes you feel alive.

- Taps into your sexual power, desire, etc.

But the problem is, not a lot of women can achieve true orgasm. Studies show that only a miniscule 18% of women achieve satisfactory orgasm during sexual intercourse. That's only roughly 2 out of 10 women!

Moreover, 4 out of 10 women will need clitoral stimulation to get the big O. A vibrator does the job quite well, stimulating the most sensitive parts to help you achieve a mind-blowing orgasm. Luckily, the rapid advance of technology applies to sex toys, and in female vibrators as well. There are a good number of toys available for helping women from all over the world get their natural orgasmic high.

Now there's no need to be shy about buying or owning a vibrator. These toys are really great and they can add a level of fun and excitement in the bedroom and with your partner. In order to make the most of your new toy though, you'll need to find out which one is right for you and how to properly use it.

Beginners in the vibrator or adult toy niche can get a delicious ally in the 5-inch  Touch Sensor Bullet Vibrator. The discreet size, increasing speed and sensual pulse pattern options will ease you in better than any other female toys in the market. The fact that it comes with a cosmetic bag means you can stash it in your bag and bring it with you wherever you go.

Bullet Vibrator


Once you have your vibrator on hand, it's time to get started! It's best to try out your brand new toy by yourself and experiment with it. Once you have a certain mastery over your vibrator you'll know just how to work it and achieve a pleasurable orgasm during sex.

Put the batteries in or do a preliminary charge. Then once it has sufficient juice, turn it on. Play with the vibration settings and get a feel for the level of intensity each one provides. If you're turned on then the added sensation will feel good even while it's in your hands.

Playing with your toy is best done in a private, quiet space. Disturbance from others should be kept to a minimum. Touch yourself with the toy with the aim of achieving orgasm. Make sure you're relaxed, comfortable and horny to some degree. Turn ons are understandably different for each woman- some love to read literotica or watch porn while others prefer to soak in a hot tub or wear a sexy nightie. Play to your strengths and you should do just fine. Preferably, you should already be turned on even before you hold the vibrator in your hand.

The key here is to start nice and slow. Set the vibration to the lowest setting and notice the unique, pleasurable sensations washing over you as you start applying it in different areas. Try to get a feel as to what your body is telling you- where does it feel great, and which areas give you the most pleasure? Don't go straight to your sensitive regions just yet- the vibrator is a toy that loves to take it nice and slow.

Now, you'll have an idea of how your body responds to the new toy. It's perfectly normal to sometimes feel a bit irritated instead of pleasure in certain areas. You can lower the vibrations in these parts, or increase the setting in others to fully enjoy the sensation. It's all a matter of personal taste and how sensitive you are in specific spots.

Then, bring your vibrator down and run it across your most sensitive parts. Get a feel of how strong or light you want the pressure or the vibrations to be. Don't be afraid to experiment with the features and the settings of your toy. To increase sexual pleasure, bring the vibrator closer to your clitoris and ramp up the vibrations. Don't put it too close as there could be a level of discomfort or pain if the toy is directly applied to the clitoris.

Before long you'll have achieved an incredible orgasm using your vibrator. Remember, constant practice makes perfect, and this is the same for achieving orgasm using your female toy!


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