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Kegel Balls – Beginner Ben Wa Training Kit for Pelvic Floor Muscle Strengthening


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About the product: 
  • Appropriate for first-time users: To ensure you handle everything at the best place you are comfortable with, we offer four packages of kegel exercise balls. Each set contains a different weight. They are designed to allow you to exercise progressively and conveniently. 
  • Increase your bladder control:One of the major causes for urinal infection is the pelvic floor specifically a frail one. There is one solution to that; the kegel ball exercises. Ensure you consistently perform the workouts since they will help you get rid of distressing leaks especially when you are amused, sneezing or coughing.
  •  Effortlessness during delivery and recovery:To overcome severe labor pains during delivery, you need to have a resilient pelvic floor. Besides that, the muscles will also snap back earlier after childbirth. That is why specialists do recommend for Kegel exercises to improve quicker healing during the post-natal stage.In addition, tight vaginal muscles tend to enhance sexual pleasure for couples. They also increase stimulation which leads to more relaxed and strong orgasms.
  • Therapeutic grade Silicone:To make this product, we combine quality, uncontaminated silicone which is impermeable, water-resistant and stress-free when cleaning. It’s totally environmentally friendly and safe to use. Besides that, the silicone is silky soft to make you comfortable.
  • One year money back guarantee :We only offer quality products with impeccable guarantee of up to one year. You don’t have to worry about the loss of your money in case they fail to meet the requirement but we shall take responsibility for that. A full package, therefore, contains one manual guide, closed cosmetic carrier bag and four Kegel balls.

In the past, kegel balls were and have been used to enhance vaginal fitness by working out the usually ignored pelvic floor physiques. For beginners, we offer a package comprising of kegel balls each with different weights. They will help improve the exercise to enable you gradually train and build up the body muscles for a long time.Kegel balls can be conveniently used at any time and anyplace be if you are working, relaxing at home or out doing some shopping. 

Nowadays, medical professionals recommend the balls for most things ranging from easing delivery to preventing chances of contracting urinal infections. The best thing is that you will get to see positive results within a few weeks 

Benefits of using the kegel balls

-Resilient and tough lumbar muscles  
-Reduced urinary incontinence 
-Reduced chances of loose vaginal muscles 
-Enhanced vaginal pliability 
-Improved control of delivery muscles 
-Quicker post-natal recovery
-Better libido and increased orgasms

    Directions for use
    1. The first step should be emptying the bladder to avoid uneasiness.
    2. Take two balls and place them in the silicone cover. To enable the balls to slip in easily, use lubrication.
    3. Softly take the balls and insert them inside your vagina each at ago. You should ensure the cord is left outside.
    4. To enable the squeezing and lifting of the balls, make the pelvic muscles tight. At the start, let them stay inside for fifteen minutes daily. You will progressively increase the time as your muscles build up. In addition, to ensure enhanced results, make sure you swap the balls with stronger ones.
    5. Slowly pull the cord in order to remove the balls. Sleeve and clean them using warm foamy water.

      Product contents
      -A user guide
      -Four kegel balls with different weights. They include a nude ball weighing 15 grams, a coral ball weighing 25 grams, a lilac ball weighing 35 grams and finally dark purple weighing 55 grams.
      -Divainner cosmetic bag 
      -A Silicone sleeve measuring 3.5cm in diameter and 16cm in length.


        Customer Reviews

        Based on 4 reviews Write a review